Sea Scouts in South Haven - Ship 5191


Sea Scouts Ship 5191

Sponsored by the Michigan Maritime Museum

Active since 1992

Sea Scouts provide leadership and “life skills” on boating to area youth. An emphasis is made on safety, courtesy and having fun on the water. Ship 5191 has sailboats, canoes, kayaks and motor boat opportunities.

A youth must be 13 years of age and graduated from the eighth grade or be 14 to join Sea Scouts. You can stay in Sea Scouts until you are 21 years of age.

Young men and women are both welcome to become Sea Scouts.


Contact Information

Mark Holbein – Skipper

04715 Blue Star Hwy

South Haven, MI 49090

(269) 639-9091


Or contact the Michigan Maritime Museum

Click here for the national Sea Scouts website.


The Sea Scouts are a section of the Boy Scouts of America.

Spring 2016 Schedule

2015 Sea Scouts Marissa Kuick and Lilli Bartlett

The boating season is starting! The canoes are ready to use. Bratina is in the water. We still have some work to get her clean and ready. If the weather is nice we may be able to sail or canoe and also get some boat  preparations done.

This year we will meet every Wednesday from 6 – 8 PM and every other Sunday from 2 – 4 PM.

05/04/16 Boating @ 6pm
05/09/16 Fishing with SH Steelheaders
05/10/16 Fishing with SH Steelheaders (rain date)
05/13/16 Transport fish from the SH Steelheaders
05/18/16 Boating @ 6pm
05/22/16 Boating @ 2pm
05/25/16 Boating @ 6pm
06/01/16 Boating @ 6pm
06/05/16 Boating @ 2pm
06/08/16Boating @ 6pm
06/15/16 Boating @ 6pm 
06/19/16 Boating @ 2pm
06/22/16 Boating @ 6pm
06/29/16 Boating @ 6pm
07/03/16 Boating @ 2pm
07/06/16 Boating @ 6pm
07/13/16 Boating @ 6pm
07/16/16 Museum Fish Boil – volunteers needed!

Remember that you can bring a friend!