Current Exhibit: Mysteries Beneath the Waves

Opened May 4, 2014:

Mysteries Beneath the Waves: Wrecks of the Sunset Coast: Closing October 31st, 2016.

Fatal Crossing: The Disappearance of NWA Flight 2501



Mysteries Beneath the Waves: Wrecks of the Sunset Coast


The Michigan Maritime Museum is proud to introduce our latest exhibits, “Mysteries Beneath the Waves: Wrecks of the Sunset Coast,” "Fatal Crossing: The Mysterious Disappearance of NWA Flight 2501".

Opening in May 2014, you can discover what rescue crews from the United States Life Saving Service went through to save passengers and crew. Explore the science behind bodies of fresh water maintaining shipwrecks in exquisite shape. See for yourself evidence of the traumatic plane crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501, which resulted in the loss of many lives. Learn about scuba diving on shipwrecks.

Several local shipwrecks will be featured in this exhibit, including the Ann Arbor No. 5, the Verano, the Hennepin, and the Mystery Sloop. The other featured vessel will be the Rockaway, which the Michigan Maritime Museum assisted in researching.

This newest exhibition will be great for families, with hands-on activities for all ages. These will include virtually exploring a shipwreck, charting shipwrecks on Lake Michigan, and on special occasions, getting to be participate in  a remotely operated vehicle dive. These are just a few of the interactive activities that will be included.


Several events are being planned in coordination with the run of this exhibition, including a lecture series, and a commemoration of the 64th anniversary of the plane crash. This exhibition will be created by Lafferty Van Heest and Associates, in collaboration with the Michigan Maritime Museum and the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association. This is an exhibit that is not to be missed!


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