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Motor Lifeboat 364602019-12-03T13:06:08-05:00

The Reel Story

This 36-foot Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat was built in 1941 in Curtis Bay, Maryland. The boat served for 35 years before retiring and underwent several restorations by new owners. After many years of service and private ownership it finally made its way to Michigan to current owner Jeff Shook. In 2012, as Walt Disney Pictures began work on the film The Finest Hours, which tells the true story of the 1952 oil tanker Pendleton rescue, Disney approached owner Jeff Shook about using 36460 in the movie to represent the original rescue boat 36500. At that time, 36460 was the only operational 36-foot MLB in the country. After its time in the spotlight in Hollywood, 36460 has found a no-less exciting home as one of the stars of the MMM fleet.

This exhibit highlights the road to stardom for 36460 as well as tells the story of the original rescue, still considered to be the greatest rescue in Coast Guard history.