Something exciting is always happening at the Museum. Have fun learning in a class or participate in an event. There is an activity sure to please everyone.  Looking to sail on Friends Good Will or try one of our other "on-water" experiences?  Check out our 2017 Special Events Calendar for more details.

Upcoming Events

August 10 - Heroes On Deck Documentary Screening

August 19 - 4th Annual Boat Walk

August 31-Sept 4 - Nina & Pinta Visit 

September 12-16 - Boat Building Class

September 29 - Membership Appreciation Picnic

October 14 - Black River Open Paddle

October 20-21 - Haunted Museum

October 31 - Kids Trick-or-Treat

Heroes On Deck Documentary Screening


The Michigan Maritime Museum will be hosting a screening of the 2016 Heroes on Deck documentary. Harvey Moshman, executive producer & aircraft recovery photographer, will be presenting and answering questions following the 57-minute documentary. The screening will be held August 10th at 6 pm at the South Haven Senior Center (1635 76th Street, South Haven, MI 49090). Tickets will include admission to the Michigan Maritime Museum and all exhibits, including the newest exhibit, Lake Michigan’s Call to Duty, which highlights the local home front heroes in the Lake Michigan region that contributed to the war effort following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Tickets are $8. There is no admission fee for Museum members and veterans.

Heroes On Deck tells the little-known story of a bold and innovative response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Following that catastrophic event, the U.S. Navy was desperate for aircraft carrier-qualified pilots. With enemy submarines patrolling both coasts, and Lake Michigan being the only Great Lake completely within the United States…why not train pilots in the safety of Lake Michigan? Two Great Lakes passenger steamers were immediately converted into makeshift aircraft carriers, the USS Wolverine and USS Sable. Between 1942 and the end of the war, more than 15,000 aviators – including future President George H.W. Bush -- were trained aboard these “freshwater flattops.” Crashes and “water landings” often led to serious injuries and occasionally death. As a result, more than one hundred fighters and dive-bombers sank to the bottom of the lake. To date, more than 40 aircraft have been brought to the surface. Heroes on Deck captures some of the key recoveries and restoration efforts, and celebrates the stories of the brave pilots who survived this ingenious training operation. Narrated by legendary CBS and A&E newsman Bill Kurtis, Heroes on Deck, brings to life a vital chapter of American history.

4th Annual Boat Walk


The 4th Annual Boat Walk will feature a variety of stunning vessels docked here in the South Haven harbor.  Set up like a home tour, your tickets will get you on all of the participating vessels for a chance to meet the owners/captains and check out above and below decks. You also get admission to the Museum! This is your chance to go aboard many vessels you've only dreamed about.

The 4th Annual Boat Walk will be held on Saturday August 19th from 12 pm to 4 pm. Tickets are $15 per person (ages 13 and up). Tickets are available in the Museum gift shop or online.

Purchase your 4th Annual Boat Walk Tickets! 

We are now accepting entries into this year's Boat Walk. We have lined up several boats from speed boats to luxury cruisers. If you or someone you know has a boat that you think would be an appealing edition to the Boat Walk, please contact Patti at or call us at 269-637-8078. This is a great opportunity to brag about your boat and help out the Museum during the process.


Nina & Pinta Visit!


The Nina & Pinta are visiting the Michigan Maritime Museum! 

August 31st - September 4th
$15 Adult, $14 Senior, $10 Child (under 4 free).
Museum admission included. 

Extended Museum hours for the Nina & Pinta dockside tours starting at 9 am through 6 pm.

See these amazing ships for yourself at the Museum dock!
--More details to follow.--


"Lake Michigan's Call to Duty" Exhibit Now Open!


After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the United States found itself suddenly plunged into what would become a second world war. In response, the nation undertook the greatest industrial, social, and military mobilization the world has ever witnessed, and Lake Michigan played a critical role in its call to duty during World War II. Palatial Great Lakes passenger steamers became aircraft carriers working off Chicago to train desperately needed Navy and Marine pilots. Shipbuilders began turning out essential submarines, minesweepers, sub chasers, and tugs for the Army and Navy. Sailors manned the freighters that transported iron ore, stone, and coal for use in the steel industry. Civilians replaced Coast Guard personnel called to military duty. And, commercial fishermen provided necessary food for the troops. This exhibit highlights this vast mobilization for war embraced by the people of the Lake Michigan region as they answered the CALL TO DUTY.

Admission: Adult $8, Senior $7, Children (4-17) $5. Free admission to Museum Members.

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