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Donate to Launch a Legacy

There are a number of ways to give to the Launching a Legacy Campaign. Whether you are interested in a naming opportunity, buying a plank, or a general gift, it will take every dollar to reach our goal. The Museum recognizes the significance of all donations large and small. Make this gift your legacy.

Buy a Plank

We are building a legacy one plank at a time! Starting at the corner nearest to the drawbridge on the Historic Jensen Property, the new boardwalk will wrap around the entirety of the Museum’s waterfront. Together each plank will help in creating a boardwalk which will link the campus, exhibits and waterfront, expanding the Museum campus and giving all visitors safe accessibility. There’s a lot of shoreline to cover and it will take 1,400 planks to complete the boardwalk. Each plank is a $1,000 donation. When buying a plank, an engraved plaque will be fastened to the board and serve as a legacy marker for you, your family, your business, your favorite boat, you name it! With your support, the Buy a Plank program will help to create a boardwalk that will stand for generations to come!

Planks can be ordered through the Launching a Legacy Donation Form. For more information, email us at or call us at (269) 637-8078. Thank you for helping to preserve history for generations to come!

Support Levels

All other contributions made to the Launching a Legacy Campaign will be recognized within the Main Entrance/Gallery Space of the new museum facility within categories of financial support. Working with the architects, it is envisioned that any and all forms of donor recognition should take on its own visual interest and add to the uniqueness of the Museum’s new welcoming and engaging main entrance.

Steamship Level Supporter ($150,000)

Bridge Level Supporter ($100,000)

Promenade Level Supporter ($75,000)

State Room Level Supporter ($50,000)

Captain’s Quarters Level Supporter ($25,000)

Pilothouse Level Supporter ($15,000)

Galley Level Supporter ($10,000)

Propeller Level Supporter ($5,000)

Buy a Plank Level Supporter ($1000)

Naming Opportunities

The Museum’s Campaign Committee has established a limited number of naming opportunities to be presented to those donors whose generosity is instrumental to the success of the campaign. If you are interested in a naming opportunity, please contact Executive Director, Patti Montgomery Reinert at (269) 637-8078 ext. 2.

Museum Main Building

Jensen Property Lookout Tower

Grand Entrance/Exhibit Gallery

Museum Main Floor Exhibit Gallery

Museum Upper Floor Exhibit and Event Space

Lookout Tower Upper Floor Exhibit/Event Space
Museum Main Floor Learning Center

Lookout Tower Main Floor Event/Exhibit Space
Museum Main Floor Children’s Exhibit

Pier 2

Outdoor Lawn/Event Space

Seasonal Event Tent
Jensen Annex Building 2

Courtyard 1
Courtyard 2
Conference Room 1
Conference Room 2
Museum Upper Floor Veranda
Jensen Annex Building 1 Sponsor
Pier 3
Event Patio