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Donate to Launch a Legacy

There are a number of ways to give to the Launching a Legacy Campaign. Whether you are interested in a naming opportunity, buying a plank, or a general gift, it will take every dollar to reach our goal. The Museum recognizes the significance of all donations large and small. Make this gift your legacy.

Michigan Maritime Museum Receives $500,000 Grant from the State of Michigan

The Michigan Maritime Museum is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a $500,000 capital project grant from the State of Michigan. This grant will go toward the Launching a Legacy campaign and help launch us into Phase II. Senator Aric Nesbitt, a Member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and a longtime friend of the Museum, successfully helped secure this grant. For more, view our press release. 

Buy a Plank

We are building a legacy one plank at a time! Starting at the corner nearest to the drawbridge on the Historic Jensen Property, the new boardwalk will wrap around the entirety of the Museum’s waterfront. Together each plank will help in creating a boardwalk which will link the campus, exhibits and waterfront, expanding the Museum campus and giving all visitors safe accessibility. There’s a lot of shoreline to cover and it will take 1,400 planks to complete the boardwalk. Each plank is a $1,000 donation. When buying a plank, an engraved plaque will be fastened to the board and serve as a legacy marker for you, your family, your business, your favorite boat, you name it! With your support, the Buy a Plank program will help to create a boardwalk that will stand for generations to come!

Planks can be ordered through the Launching a Legacy Donation Form. For more information, email us at or call us at (269) 637-8078. Thank you for helping to preserve history for generations to come!

Support Levels

All other contributions made to the Launching a Legacy Campaign will be recognized within the Main Entrance/Gallery Space of the new museum facility within categories of financial support. Working with the architects, it is envisioned that any and all forms of donor recognition should take on its own visual interest and add to the uniqueness of the Museum’s new welcoming and engaging main entrance.

Steamship Level Supporter ($150,000)

Bridge Level Supporter ($100,000)

Promenade Level Supporter ($75,000)

State Room Level Supporter ($50,000)

Captain’s Quarters Level Supporter ($25,000)

Pilothouse Level Supporter ($15,000)

Galley Level Supporter ($10,000)

Propeller Level Supporter ($5,000)

Buy a Plank Level Supporter ($1000)

Naming Opportunities

The Museum’s Campaign Committee has established a limited number of naming opportunities to be presented to those donors whose generosity is instrumental to the success of the campaign. If you are interested in a naming opportunity, please contact Executive Director, Patti Montgomery Reinert at (269) 637-8078 ext. 2.

Maritime Heritage Center

Pier 2


Winkel Lookout Point
Michael & Linda Winkel

Grand Atrium
Michael & Susan Smith 

Getman Galleries
Dana & Teresa Getman Family


RB Annis Foundation Great Room
RB Annis Foundation

Lookout Point Upper Floor
William & Cheri Lynn Deary

Jerry Mason Learning Center
Betty Upjohn Mason

Devos Pavilion
Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation

Patrick Allkins & Jan Frizzo Family Event Lawn
Jan Frizzo & Patrick Allkins Family

McClendon Small Craft Exhibit
Mark & Peggy McClendon Family

Seasonal Event Tent
South Haven/Van Buren County Convention & Visitors Bureau

deBest Family Courtyard
Brian deBest Family

Bergman Courtyard 
David & Helen Bergman

Cottage Home Conference Room 
Cottage Home, Inc.

Consumers Credit Union Conference Room
Consumers Credit Union

Carmichael Veranda
Clark & Cathy Carmichael

Historic Jensen Commercial Fishing Exhibit
Sponsored by Ed & Jeanie Harris

Richmond Pier
Jim & Lois Richmond

Padnos Patio
Padnos Family


In-Kind Donors

AAA Turf, Inc
Boileau Communications Management, LLC
Brewers City Dock
Compton, Inc.
Cottage Home, Inc
Brian deBest
Do-It Corporation
Edgewater Resources, LLL
Farms to Table Catering
J&B Landing
Jensen’s Excavating
Miller Johnson Attorneys
Mitchell & Morse Surveying
Risky Business
River Run Press
Rusty Rocket Brewing, LLC
Smith’s Concrete Cutting
TNT Roofing
Turf Surf & Stone Landscaping
Wolters Electric

Honoring Our Legacy Donors

We are grateful to ALL our Launching a Legacy donors who have not only shared in the success of the campaign’s progress but without who, ever step forwards would not have been possible. Our progress has taken dollars large and small and made every single donation count toward leaving a legacy. Thank you for being a part of that legacy. 

Lila & Theodore Adamczyk
Dorris Akers
Thomas Askew
Edward & Neva Asplundh Jr
Leon Assink
William & Delores Atkins
Joan Bauer
Chuck & Debbie Beatty
Brianna Beatty Spencer
Eugene Bego
Timothy & Jan Bell
David & Helen Bergman
Black River Tavern
Blossomland Pirates Parrot Head Club
David Bohn
Randy Bonzheim
Grace & Haraldur Borgfjord
Brian & Lori Bosgraaf
William & Barbara Bradley
Paul & Linda Brazda
Robert & Gail Brickman
Dick & Lois Brunvand
Sandy & Carol Bryson
Dave & Mary Lynn Bugge
Julia Burnett
Robert & Pat Burr
John & Barbara Busch
Guy & Barbara Calhoun
Chris Campbell
Michael & Heidi Campbell
Dave & Kathy Campbell
Dave & Mary Campbell
Jay Campbell & Mary Hosley
Thomas & Sandra Capps
Captain Lou’s
Clark & Cathy Carmichael
Jack & Terry Caveney
Chemical Bank
Chicago Yacht Club Power Fleet
William Clark
Coldwell Banker Weber Seiler Realtors
Standford & Cynthia Compton
Consumers Credit Union
Kevin & Beth Conway
Gerald Cook
Duane & Anna Coon
Nicole Dangremond
Dennis & Kathy Dascenzo
James Davis
Scott Davis
William & Cheri Lynn Deary
DeBoer, Baumann & Company
Jay & Gwen DeBruyn
DeGroot Family Foundation
Ray DeHaan
Terry & Corene DeHaan
Nancy DeKoning
Raul Aguirre & Diana DeNooy-Aguirre
Brittany DePriest-Smith
Mark de Roo
Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation
Michael DeWitt
Paul DeYoung
Norma Dearborn
Ashley Deming & Peter Goddard
Allen & Susan Deming
Willie Dubas
Joseph & Heather Dykhuis
Stephen Earls & Johanna Killian
Lucille Earls-Barnes
George & Patricia Ebright
Richard & Sandra Edwards
Farrens’s Metal Work
Shon & Samuel Field
Jeff Filbrandt & Annie Brown
Cooky & Jerry Fleischman
Elaine Fluck
James & Barbara Force
Jan Frizzo & Patrick Allkins
Bob & Kathy Gadwood
Lisa Galdikas
Roger & Anne Gamache
Tom & Claire Geil
Dana & Teresa Getman
Getman Corporation
Larry & Samantha Gignac
Michael & Patricia Gillian
Tony & Grace Gilmore
Jerry Globensky
Jay & Cindi Gooch
Dave & Donna Grow
Sharon & Joe Guiltinan
Susan Hale
Dr. Blake Hardin
Hardt Insurance
Stephanie & Scott Harmsen
Donald & Ronnee Harrell
Ed & Jeanie Harris
Ron & Barbara Hartgerink
Kathryn Hauser
Henry Hawk
Chuck & Martha Hayden
Robert & Mara Hayes
Juanita Hinshaw
Dan Hyde & Janet Driver
John Hinz & Emily Garber
Robin & David Hoag
Kirk & Jeanine Hoffman
Larry & Bonnie Hoffman
Barbara Hogarth
Bill & Tracy Holt
Steve & Emily Holt
Robert & Mary Hoppes
Gary & Karen Horton
Roger & Bobbe Horton
Tom & Laura Jager
Frank James
Jaqua Realtors
Jensen’s Excavating
LeAnn & Paul Johnson
Harold Joy
Kevin & Karen Kean
William Kellow
Jennifer Klein
Tom & Anne Klimek
Ron & JoAnn Klug
David & Krista Knight
Sue & Mike Knytych
Dr. Michael Kogan
Lisa L. Kozicki
Eric Leatherberry
Rich & Roxanne Leder
Li’s China Buffet
Dan & Ellen Liehr
Lighthouse Title Group
Mike & Carrie Lynch
James & Paula Marcoux
Richard Marzke
Betty Upjohn Mason
Barbara & John Massey
Michael & Marci McCarthy
Mark & Peggy McClendon
Judson & Marie McKinley
John & Debbie Mellein
Fred & Patricia Meyer
Cleo Miller
Patrick Miller & Tara Nulty
Pamela Morong
Dave & Sue Murphey
N & R Department Store
James & Pamela Neal
Grant Nicol & Cynthia Hingtgen
Lee Niffenegger
North Side Memories
Vince & Jean Norton
Earl Novak
Terry & Laura O’Brien
Mark & LaRae Odland
Kevin & Andrea Olson
Roger & Sue Olson
Greg & Marian O’Niel
Amy O’Sullivan
Frank & Joan Overton
Jerome Overton
Steve & Sylvia Paddock
Cindy Padnos & Jim Redmond
Esther Padnos
Mitch & Karen Padnos
Shelley Padnos & Carol Sarosik
William Padnos
Jeff Paradise
Walter & Shirley Pascal
David & Sandy Parker
C.Reed Parker Charitable Fund
Glenn & Jill Pensinger
Michael Pino
David Pollard
Pro Powder, Inc.
RB Annis Foundation
Fred & Karen Reams
Mark Reece
Patti & Scott Reinert
Rory Repicky & Joanne Smith
Carole & Tom Renner
Lois Richardson
Tom & Claudia Richardson
Jim & Lois Richmond
River Run Press
Scott & Julia Robbins
Dale & Ellen Rowe
A. Jody Rowland
Susan & Tom Saewert
Meredith Salinas
Tom & Carol Santoro
William Saunders
Connie Schaffer & Harry Hendrix
David & Judith Schlaack
Stuart Scott
Robert & Teresa Sealscott
Jeannine Severeid
Tim & Judy Shank
John & Kim Shea
Robert Sherman & Kay Brookey
Norman Siegel
Alan Silverman
Barry & Diane Skuza
George & Margaret Sleeper
Mike & Susan Smith
Robert & Mary Smith
South Bend Sail & Power Squadron
South Haven Chamber of Commerce
South Haven Community Foundation
South Haven Convention & Visitors Bureau
South Haven Marina Townhomes
Peggy & Brian Spencer
Eric & Debbie Standen
Jim Starks
Starks Family Funeral Home, Filbrandt Chapel
State of Michigan
Lorna Straus
Aaron & Jane Strebeck
Sturgis Bank, South Haven Banking Center
Frederick & Diane Taylor
Eli & Hilde Thomssen
Daniel Thompson
Joyce Thompson
Tom Thompson & Vicki Cyr
Timken Foundation
Randy & Stephanie Timmer
Nick & Nancy Tuit
Fred & Amey Upton
Lee, Pam, Elizabeth & Alexandra Utke
Orley Vaughan & Gloria Garner
Thomas & Anne Venner
Viking Marine Construction LLC
Christine Wagoner
Susan & Charles Wakild
Beth Warsco
Susan Watson
Michael & Rose Ann Weaver
Deborah Webb
John & Karen Wells
Ron & Mary Beth Westhouse
Scott & Karine Whiteford
Steven & Melinda Whittington
Curt & Maggie Wille
Mike & Linda Winkel
Katherine A. Winkel & Dan Gunter
Emily Winkel-Ziegler
Ron & Kim Wise
Ronald & Ruth Wiser
Jim & Maggie Woodruff
John & Cindy Woollam
George & Susan Worthley
Vincent & Patricia Yelmini
Daniel & Lisa Youngs
Roger & Susan Yule
Charles & Pamela Zeller
Steve & Darlene Zoellick


(donors as of 11/17/2021)