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We reach out to our members and friends to ask for your financial support of the Michigan Maritime Museum. We have a jewel of a museum here in South Haven. Our new exhibit, Lake Michigan's Call to Duty, has been extremely well received. Our on-water attractions have grown, giving thousands of visitors an opportunity to experience a piece of history while enjoying our wonderful waterways instead of only reading about them. The past year has been a whirlwind of activity as we strive to preserve and celebrate the rich maritime history of the Great lakes.

In a assessment conducted by the American Association of Museums concluded that "...the Michigan Maritime Museum has put itself in a positive position to imagine the future from a position of strength, accomplishment and credibility."

Our long term goals include a major facilities improvements and expansion. Short term goals include adding to our educational programs, the preservation of Great Lakes artifacts and archives, acquisition of on-water craft, and more!

What can you do?

Though we are extremely proud of the fact that we generate 80% of our income from admission fees, tickets, retail sales, special events, and membership dues; we depend on generous people like you for the remaining 20% to help cover operating expenses like salaries, matching grants, volunteer support, student assistance, speaker fees and a myriad of other expenses that help keep the Museum afloat.

We hope you will join with us to support this very special place, We look forward to our future!

Hope we can count on you!

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